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Amazing Party Wear Sarees

by Shaan Malhotra 10 Jan 2022

With the festive season around the corner, aren’t we all waiting for our turn to slay? Our fingers are already tired of stalking pictures from the royal bollywood weddings. Even today, the elegance of sarees remains unchanged, and all we crave for is a chance to find the perfect combination of tradition with fashion. 

You’ve reached the right place if you want to buy designer sarees online India. Designer sarees can be as versatile as that black scarf you style with everything in your closet. The question is, are you ready to find one for every occasion? 

Own a Saree for Each Occasion  

Do you find choosing a party saree as difficult as finding the perfect birthday present for your best friend? Without invalidating your struggle, the former is actually an easier task. The trick here is to match the sarees with the occasion and finalize only those that fit. Various types of sarees can be styled with accessories to suit a diverse range of functions. 

  • Slay the Banaras way
  • Can you think of any Indian woman who doesn’t have a Banarasi saree in her closet? The royal touch of Banarasi sarees makes them ideal for any family function. A wide range of options, from Shattir, Georgette, Katan, to Kora, is available in Banarasi sarees, so you can find the one that goes best with your style. 

    While a traditional Kundan Banarasi will bring your elegant game up, you can wear a printed Banarasi saree to make heads turn at birthday parties. Do you support the idea that your outfit expresses your personality? If yes, you should ditch the standard colors while choosing a shade that defines your character the most. Don’t forget to pair it up with oxidized jewelry! 

    • Energize in colorful prints

    Printed sarees have certainly brought a revolution to ethnic fashion and styling. It’s impossible to get bored with the numerous print designs available in the market, which is precisely why printed sarees are the new trend in ethnic fashion markets. You can make your own outfit by draping a printed saree woven in your choice of fabric and matching it up with a contrasting-coloured blouse and suitable accessories. With their lightweight material, printed sarees come in an overwhelming range of rich and vibrant colors to get them talking. 

    From a pool of saree fabrics, it remains your choice to find something that goes with your taste and style. Apart from the limitless designs and artistry, printed sarees can never go harsh on your pocket. If your ethnic fashion collection is missing the energetic vibe, go ahead and buy printed silk sarees online India today!

    • Revamp with South silk

     The South Indian culture is most clearly represented in the traditional yet trendy saree styles worn by our South Indian ladies. You tell me, isn’t it hard to take your eyes off a South Indian bride draped in pure silk woven saree. It is commendable how the same saree can simultaneously look so royal yet straightforward. Well, now we relate to Vidya Balan’s love for South Indian sarees.

    If you are looking for something that can make you stand out in the reception party coming round the corner, a South silk saree will do the work! South silk sarees go perfectly with gold jewelry with their broad golden borders. You can also pair them up with minimal accessories to keep them subtle. 

    • Regal in embroidery work 

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘saree’? We are pretty sure it’s the image of a heavily embroidered saree with thick golden borders. We don’t blame you, as embroidered sarees remain one of the most go-to looks for Indian women due to their fine needlework and intricate designs. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a fan of heavy embroidery to love these sarees as they come in diverse designs, patterns and fabrics to match your grace. 

    The embellishments in an embroidered saree are enough to keep you shining, but complete the look with matching bangles if you want to add more charm. The well-renowned, net-embroidered saree can never fail to revive your youth amongst the oldies discussing the younger generation. If you wish to wear something more fitting to a casual meet party, a georgette embroidered saree can come to your rescue. 

    • All-rounder in Swarovski  

    Swarovski sarees are well known for the embellished work in polished Swarovski crystals that resemble diamonds. Swarovski crystals go perfectly with various fabrics, from the net, georgette, cotton to Banarasi, making them ideal for all kinds of occasions. Styling a Swarovski saree remains an easy task as the precision of intricate work done on the fabric can get you dressed to kill! 

    You can go for a lightly embellished piece for casual outings and get-togethers. At the same time, nothing can replace the elegance of exaggerated needlework done on a Swarovski saree. There’s a Swarovski for everyone. You just need to find the one made for you! Oh, and did we mention Swarovski sarees are also the love of many Bollywood celebrities?

    A saree can make you look professional, elegant, traditional and sensual. There’s a saree for every mood and outing. Finding the best saree to suit the occasion should be a cakewalk if you know what kind of saree would go best for which occasion. Besides the occasion, buying a saree that goes best with your body type will further elevate your appearance. For a pear-shaped body, georgette and chiffon sarees are considered most suitable. Net and silk sarees compliment the apple-shaped body type perfectly. Other than that, trendy drape styles and complimentary accessories can really boost your elegance. 

    At Panna Sarees, we believe that your saree can be a true expression of YOU! Being a prominent ethnic wear fashion brand, we seek to add value to your occasions through quality, style and craftsmanship. We offer all kinds of saree fabrics in limitless designs, embellishments and patterns to make sure that you find a Panna Saree for every occasion. 

    We have a specialized collection of lehengas, readymade suits, Kurtis and more that you can order online as well.

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